ROHE Organische Kakaospitzen | Vegane Schokolade Zutaten | Ungesüßtes Magnesium-reiches Superfood für Backen und Power Smoothies | 200 g

27. August 2019

ROHE Organische Kakaospitzen | Vegane Schokolade Zutaten | Ungesüßtes Magnesium-reiches Superfood für Backen und Power Smoothies | 200 g

Nutri Superfoods Raw Organic Cacao Nibs

Organic Theobroma Cacao beans „Food of the Gods“, are grown in the rich soils of South America. The very best Arriba Nacional raw cacao beans are collected, broken apart and left to ferment and dry prior to being washed and crushed into small pieces (nibs). Recognised as the best nutritious Superfood, raw cacao nibs are the least processed and most natural form of raw chocolate. It’s THE choice if you want to consume wholefood chocolate whilst staying healthy and fit.

Exactly what do they taste like?

Raw Cacao has a chocolaty taste, but can be a bit bitter since it’s in its most natural form with no sugar included. It’s a flexible active ingredient and can be consumed right out of the bag, added to trail mix, cereals, porridge, smoothies, raw chocolate bars, beverages and desserts.

Nutritional Health Benefits:

Magnesium: One of the top 10 ranked superfood to reinforce bones, relax muscles and improve heart health.

Protein: High in vegan plant protein with 12.7 g supplying 8.6 % of the RDA.

Iron: An ounce of Cacao Nibs has 6 % of the recommended everyday iron intake to oxygenate the blood and reduce tiredness.

Calcium: High in Calcium, which is essential for bones and teeth.

Fibre: High in dietary fibre with 10.6 g of fibre per 1 ounce to keep the bowels regular and healthy.

Potassium: 490mg in 1 ounce! Necessary for the proper function of heart, kidneys and other organs.

Antioxidant: Rich in flavonoids with high concentration of ANTI-OXIDANTS to fight free radicals.

Mood Improver: High in Phyto-Nutrients including Theobromine which enhances mood and the feel good factor.

Enjoy all the healthy benefits of Raw Organic Cacao Nibs and buy the best.

Go natural, Be healthy and Look more youthful!VOTED BEST IN COOKING CHOCOLATE – PREMIUM RAW – Arriba Nacional Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) beans, „Food of the Gods“ are grown in the fertile soils of Peru. Certified Organic by the trusted Organic Food Federation. No artificial fillers, colours, binders, additives, chemicals or preservatives and is Non GMO.
# 1 BEST RICH NATURAL SOURCE of SUPPLEMENTS – Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids, Iron, Protein, Zinc, Phytonutrients, Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, Copper, Potassium, Vitamins A and C, Fibre, Sulfur and Serotonin to improve mood. Plant based naturally active vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed into the body for maximum health benefits.
POWER PACKED – Natural vegan protein nibs increases energy with over 300 healthy compounds. Includes theobromine and various polyphenols. Also contains the HIGHEST source of ANTIOXIDANTS – more than red wine and up to 3 times more than green tea. Improves heart health and immune system.
SUITABLE – for Vegetarians & Vegans. Kosher. Free from Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Wheat, Yeast.
VERSATILE – Easy to use. Nutritious low carb, raw dark chocolate ingredient. Simply add to recipes for cooking, baking, smoothies, cereals, power protein bars, healthy snacks, fruit salads and trail mix. Sprinkle on ice cream or desserts. We are confident that you will love and enjoy our organic nibs with all the added health benefits. Order with confidence or your money back satisfaction guaranteed. Click the BUY button and really enjoy!

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